Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Beau - Creation

BEAU - Creation LP (Dandelion DAN 8006)

Certainly not the most obscure offering on this blog, but it is in my mind a criminally overlooked album. Infact it's inclusion is more to do with the fact that this is still an affordable album, something that will probably change as time goes by. There is plenty of information on Beau to be found on the web.

It was Beau's second album for John Peel's Dandellion label, released in 1971. What sets this apart from his first album is the fact that Tractor are his backing band for this outing.

It's a strange mix; the Folk songs of a renowned folk songwriter with the twisted rock musings of Tractor. For me the song where this works best is "Silence Returns", which has a undercurrent of darkness that is just about kept in check until the end when all hell breaks loose through an incredible acid guitar piece until the song eventually fades out.

It's nowhere near as "Acid" as the first Comus album for example, but as a whole the album does work, although sometimes it does feel like the mix isn't quite right. Some songs are more traditional, some far more twisted.

All in all though, still an album i would recommend picking up before prices inevitably rise.


Beau said...

Hi - your blog just popped up on my Google watch!

Thanks for your very kind comments. If any of your visitors are interested, "Creation" has been recently remastered and released on the Air Mail Archive label in Japan. There's one bonus track included (not nine, as eBay sellers insist on saying!).

It's a really nice presentation in a mini-facsimile of the original sleeve.

Another 2009 item worthy of mention is the "Edge Of The Dark" CD on Angel Air.

Amongst other things, EOTD includes five tracks from from my third (unreleased) Dandelion album, "High Mass", also featuring Tractor and Jim Milne's distinctive guitar.

Thanks again for your kind thoughts, and all the best with the blog.


Mr Evergreen Winter Man said...

Thank you for your kind words and the information. I'm very grateful.

The mere hint of an unreleased third album, also featuring Tractor, has got me completely distracted!

That information is going to have me distracted for quite some time.

Thank you for the great music.

Beau said...

Hello Mr Evergreen Winter Man! A bit of news for you and your subscribers!

Cherry Red Records has just issued ‘Creation Recreated’ (Cherry Red BEAUCR1), a much-expanded download version of my original ‘Creation’ set.

It’s available now from the Amazons, iTunes and all major download sites worldwide.

‘Creation Recreated’ features the full remastered album plus eleven bonus tracks, including four with Tractor which have never before seen light of day. Additionally, four of the songs from the original collection have been remixed and, IMHO, considerably improved.

The album has a web page to itself at http://www.trevormidgley.com/CreationRecreated.html where you can check out the lyrics, backgrounds to the songs and detailed recording data.

I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes to all –