Thursday, 13 January 2011

Nigel Mazlyn Jones - Ship to shore

Nigel Mazlyn Jones - Ship to Shore (Isle of Light. UK. 1976)

A fascinating UK private pressing that sounds like it is from an earlier time, although it does occasionally give off touches that do firmly date it to the mid 1970's. Nigel has released 10 albums on his Isle of Light label, with this debut and the second album being the most sought after by collectors. On hearing the first track you could be forgiven for pigeon holing this as a Folk album, even an Acid Folk album. However, that's even less than half the story. Nigel was active on the live circuit and has collaborated with many well known 70's artists including Roy Harper, Nik Turner and even Hawkwind. These influences show on the rest of the album, with a gradual progression away from the folk sound into an earlier 70's singer/songwriter territory.

Side two journeys further into that singer/songriter territory but with a classic left field sound, with some impressive guitar work that is ever present on this album that helps lift it above many similar albums. However, the title track (for some reason placed as the last track) is where the whole album comes together in a most impressive finale. It starts with an almost frantic Acid Folk vocal and guitar interplay before it enters a middle ground between the folk and rock influences before rounding it all off with an elongated finale that keeps you drifting effortlessly on, as if floating in some dreamy Pink Floyd styled interlude.

Those Old Records (Rugeley, Staffordshire, UK)

I like to highlight the bricks and mortar shops that i buy some of these records from. Far too many are closing down and without them we'll struggle to trip over these great unsung albums.

This album was bought on a trip to visit Chris at "Those Old Records" in Rugeley, Staffordshire. I first met Chris at the Stoke on Trent record fair. Chris keeps coming up with some mind blowing finds, he puts in a herculian effort travelling the length and breadth of the UK in search of those nuggets. Chris is also an audiophile so you'll find that he is very fussy about condition.

I'm glad to report that his shop is an extension of his great personality. Chris is extremely friendly and always goes the extra mile.

If you see an Ambrose Slade album in the photos below, then yes, you are seeing an original. The second copy Chris has managed to dig up in less than a year! He's topped that with one of the rarest British Jazz albums ever released; a Zombies Odyssey and Oracle that lasted about 10 minutes.....and i could go on.
If you can't visit "Those Old Records" in Rugeley then there is a website for your enjoyment:

Thanks Chris!

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