Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Phil Downer - The Dust of Time

Phil Downer - The Dust of Time (Lestar Records. UK. 1968)

I can tell you nothing of Phil Downer except for the fact that he is one very aptly named folk artist. The guitar playing is rather accomplished and the voice is nice, but for me it's the delivery and lyrics that lift this above the usual solo acoustic folk effort. These are amongst the darkest lyrics i've heard in many years. For me this is the stand out track where everything seems to come together perfectly.

This is the title track of this four track ep that may originally have come with a picture sleeve. This is another solid track and definitely another favourite for me. It doesn't quite have the dark atmosphere of Pretty Soon but is still a strong effort. Unfortunately Phil Downer and this single have proved so far to be ungooglable. Any information from Phil or anyone who knew him would be most gratefully accepted. Also, if anyone has a picture sleeve i'd love to see it.

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