Wednesday, 10 April 2013 raindrops become ocean LP (Closet Records. USA. 1985)

San Antonio, Texas compilation album from 1985 on Gary Davenport's Closet Records label. The first release on Closet Records was a Gary Davenport single released under the name Mannequin in 1979. At that time there was no San Antonio scene to talk of, but as can be heard on this compilation there certainly was one by 1985.

Gary Davenport released very limited singles on his Closet records label under the name Manequin, but by the time this compilation was put together he was billed under his own name. It's a typical loner style track from Gary but with a more produced sound with a far stronger recording than his original basement/lo fi sound.

The fact that this compilation album has so many different artists sounding similar to Gary Davenport is a testament to his influence building a scene that was obviously very indebted not only to his hard work but also his huge musical influence.

Mannequin (Gary Davenport) - Scattered Thoughts 7" (Closet Records. USA. 1979)

This superb Downer/Loner single from San Antonio, Texas, was put out by Gary Davenport in 1979 on his own label Closet Records. When Gary started out there was no scene to speak of in San Antonio but through his incredibly unique and out of step music he created a scene which was very different for the time. H released several records of his own on Closet Records and by other artists, culminating in the compilation album " raindrops become ocean"  which i have blogged in its own right. It also contains another two tracks by Gary Davenport.

Gary's music really does have the downer/loner sound that i love, infact it's more than a sound, it is also a feeling which comes across so strongly.

This three track single was Gary's first ever release and comes in an oversized picture cover with photocopied insert. It was pressed in a quantity of 100 only and simply never turns up for sale. I was lucky enough to buy this copy from a friend of Gary's who was selling off the remaining records from his label with just a handfull of these available.

It's remained a mostly unknown single for many years with copies mainly selling directly from Gary himself or through private sales. There has, to my knowledge, never been a sale through ebay but his second single has shown up a handful of times selling for a healthy three figure sum.

Please note that this is just an extract from the title track for obvious reasons!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Rusty Nail (Hi Fi Records. Singapore. 196?)

Superb and very little known garage punk ep from a British band based in Singapore which contains four tracks in total, two originals and two covers. Some collectors are convinced that there was no such thing as British garage punk, but this for me is the real deal, maybe only possible from a band based in an area overseas that would have had more U.S. garage records than were available back in the UK.

The title track has been comped on CD-R but so far has not found it's way onto a full CD or vinyl release which is a shame as it's such a strong ep. Unfortunately there is no information available other than that on the rear of the sleeve; would love to hear from anyone associated with the release or the family of anyone involved.

Please note that this is just an extract from the title track for obvious reasons!