Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Rusty Nail (Hi Fi Records. Singapore. 196?)

Superb and very little known garage punk ep from a British band based in Singapore which contains four tracks in total, two originals and two covers. Some collectors are convinced that there was no such thing as British garage punk, but this for me is the real deal, maybe only possible from a band based in an area overseas that would have had more U.S. garage records than were available back in the UK.

The title track has been comped on CD-R but so far has not found it's way onto a full CD or vinyl release which is a shame as it's such a strong ep. Unfortunately there is no information available other than that on the rear of the sleeve; would love to hear from anyone associated with the release or the family of anyone involved.

Please note that this is just an extract from the title track for obvious reasons!


Stan Matthews said...

Hi Mr Wintergreen I am the original founder and band leader of the Rusty Nail If you would like to get in touch please contact me

Stan Matthews

Unknown said...

Stan Matthews - go to facebook.com/philip.sweetman