Friday, 4 May 2012

One Of You

One Of You (Scarab Records. Canada. 1981 - 1983)

One Of You released just three 7" singles on their own label Scarab Records, the last single being recorded and released under the name The Trifids. This was the first single with picture sleeve as shown. One of you is basically one Czechoslovakian woman who managed to create a sound and feel so dark and yearning that even i find it hard to listen. She left Czechoslovakia during the 1968 uprising, finally settling in Toronto. All the talk in Prague was of how wonderful the west was. However, when she arrived she remembers being totally crushed. She saw a society where people seemed to be strangers to each other.

This second single was released in just a photocopied sleeve, although the colour of the paper does vary. As she could not write music she started writing songs in a code she created. The songs were about feelings of sadness and alienation. Some years later she and her husband recorded these songs and created Scarab Records to release them

Her last single came without a picture sleeve and is credited to The Trifids with writing credit to One Of You. Both tracks are instrumentals, but Invincible still conveys the same feelings of sadness and alienation. I'd like to thank the collector "Wornhill" who first brought these amazingly dark singles to my attention.

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