Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Meic Stevens - Mwg

MEIC STEVENS - Mwg EP (Wren Records WRE 1073)

How could i resist adding some Meic Stevens to the Acid Folk section?

No longer what you could describe as an obscure artist, Meic has been an important & well loved figure in Wales for many decades. Not only did he produce some of the most wonderful music to come out of Wales, he was also the inspiration, catalyst & vehicle for many Welsh bands to make & release music.

Mwg is my favourite Meic Stevens ep & this track is the most "Acid" from this particular release. I do belive that Meic Stevens is best listened to in Welsh. Although most people will not understand the words, there is an interplay between the Welsh language, Meics' delivery & the interplay with his guitar playing that just isn't present on Outlander, his English language album.

There is plenty of information on Meic on the web & there are also two compilation albums that bring together all his EP tracks including this one.

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