Wednesday, 10 April 2013 raindrops become ocean LP (Closet Records. USA. 1985)

San Antonio, Texas compilation album from 1985 on Gary Davenport's Closet Records label. The first release on Closet Records was a Gary Davenport single released under the name Mannequin in 1979. At that time there was no San Antonio scene to talk of, but as can be heard on this compilation there certainly was one by 1985.

Gary Davenport released very limited singles on his Closet records label under the name Manequin, but by the time this compilation was put together he was billed under his own name. It's a typical loner style track from Gary but with a more produced sound with a far stronger recording than his original basement/lo fi sound.

The fact that this compilation album has so many different artists sounding similar to Gary Davenport is a testament to his influence building a scene that was obviously very indebted not only to his hard work but also his huge musical influence.